Bedding – pościel

It is hard to imagine sleeping in a comfortable bed, without blankets, which could be a cover. That’s quilts provide us with a sense of warmth and comfort during rest periods. Apparently this is a simple thing, but just look at the many shops offer to find out how much customer choice is here. Heated blankets, quilts and lots of anti-allergic materials to choose from. All this should satisfy even the most fastidious person.

Bed is often jokingly called best friend of man. Is some truth in that. Sleep is very important for good physical health and well-being. But in order to affect us positively, we must create the conditions for doing so. Proper preparation of beds is very important here. Bad mattress or bedding (pościel)can cause sleep, instead of pleasure, becomes only a source of bone pain and back pain.

One of the most characteristic elements of the bed is a pillow. In the distant history of mankind, they were used as a decorative art form. In ancient Egypt, are available almost only for rich people. In China, for a long time been one of the most valuable goods on the market. Often bad pillow, or incorrect setting, is the cause of the spine and neck pain that occurs after awakening. On the other hand, nowadays are even special pillows therapeutic for people with just such problems.

It is good to consider whether the beds, which used every day is good for our own health. Perhaps often felt fatigue, back pain and bone or allergy is a result of poor mattress or bedding (pościel). Little change in its costs, and in return you get a better condition, both physical and mental

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